Déirdre Kelly

‘Meeting of the Waters’ ~ Cruinnú na n-Uiscí

A new map of Ireland where the East and West coasts draw closer together, to create a sort of interior lake, a land locked mixture of sea & ocean. It takes us on a ‘round trip’ journey of the bays, heads and points which characterise the Irish coastline. A line which unites and determines the tension between water and land. The original collage was made from a single map of Ireland in homage to his innovative use of collage by the Czech visual artist & poet, Jiří Kolář.

The title is taken from the Avoca river in County Wicklow, which starts life as two rivers, Avonmore (Irish: Abhainn Mhór, “Big River”) and Avonbeg (Irish: Abhainn Bheag, “Small River”). Where these join is a recognised place of great beauty hence ‘the Meeting of the Waters’.


Collections: British Library, University of Leeds, NIVAL, National Library of Scotland, National Gallery of Canada Library, Oxford Brookes, Tate Gallery Library

Déirdre Kelly ‘Meeting of the Waters’ ~ Cruinnú na n-Uiscí
Edition 200
designed by Christopher Taylor,
published by Wild Pansy Press

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